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VikingYogi was birthed over a period of years through our founder, Melanie Osborn. Having come from a hard upbringing, Melanie was shiny and sweet, but has to learn how to brawl and protect at a very young age. Also being an empath, with compassion and love, she did things only on principle- and was lucky not to have the darkness consume her, but instead kept her positive outlook and hope. After her continued energetic and spiritual awakening, personally and professionally, she tried to "meditate all the darkness away" and be shiny, but to no avail. Working as an intuitive, corporate coach, and holistic healing practitioner, she recognized the value and results of acknowledging the Middle Path of Dark and Light in order to heal, release trauma, and do good in the world. Not by just praying away and thinking happy thoughts, but by standing up and doing right action without indignation.

It was only as she approached her 40's did she fully understand her Nordic heritage, which explained her wanting to do the right thing, without emotion or judgment, but to rip off people's heads if needed. She taught these concepts with women and men in her busy healing practice, corporate seminars, yoga classes, and healing conferences.

Watching the Awakened Warrior rise, especially in the last couple of years, people and Spirit have pulled out an archetype that many of us need right now- VikingYogi. She/he/they say Namaste, but they just as easily can say Fuck You. We are the protectors, we are the healers, we are the lovers. We are VikingYogi.

We started holding space for the dark. The good. And the hard. Standing up and getting shit done. Reaching those who don't have access to the work and healing. Raising money and volunteering time in those spaces that are hard. Bringing awareness to the trauma we all sustain, and how we truly heal it. Teaching others to heal themselves, SO they can heal the world.

Join us in these efforts, to blend all parts of us. To re-discover our strength, our boundaries, our advocacy-- in service for ALL.