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Who Is Viking Yogi??

Viking Yogi is all of us. Its the part of us that is loving and compassionate-- who wants to hug and smile, who wants for no one to ever feel pain or agony or injustice. The part of us that wants peace, love and harmony. AND...its the part of us that is sick of the shit. The inequality, the system as it is set up, the poverty, the bullshit and the lies. Who sees through all the crap and knows that we can do something. Its the part of us that doesn't just believe in thought and prayers, but action. Burn it down, pillage the village, "they will listen to us" mentality, we will fight- sometimes to the death. It is based on principle, integrity, honor and code. That knows that there are better possibilities in the world and wants to mobilize and make some noise in order to command it and take it.

VikingYogi is the embodiment of a badass love warrior. Working for a higher purpose because we believe that we were not put on this earth to be run by the system; but instead, to make connection, to feel, to learn, to go through trauma and then to learn how to heal that trauma, to tap into our true authentic nature. We are wild.

We sometimes make people feel really uncomfortable, because we say what is true, what others are thinking-- and we don't give a fuck. We stir up stagnancy-- which makes us not always popular.

We question the labels that we have put on ourselves, the stories that we think define us.  We don’t conform to the expectations that society has put on us as a collective. We don’t look the other way. We love everyone, but won’t take anyone’s bullshit. We are fierce and protective and we will rip people’s head off if necessary.

We don’t have a political agenda. We don’t like labels. We tap in and do what is for the highest good, because we are one.

We find the Light in the Darkness. We are strong for you until you can be strong for yourself.

We work for the hard shit-- because its worth it.

We are you.

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